Hart van Andalusië (in English “Heart of Andalusia”) is the largest internet-community for Dutch and Belgian Andalusia-lovers. Started in april 2016 it already has 7000 followers on Facebook (reference date November the 17th 2016), with an average of 75.000 reached viewers every week, and growing with thousand new followers every month. Besides there is this website with a growing number of visitors and new hotspots.

Followers Hart van Andalusie

Ruta Andaluz is the travel program of Hart van Andalusië.  The HvA-team travels through Andalusia meeting special people and companies. We tell your story to Holland and Belgium. Watch an example of a Ruta Andaluz-video below.

Your company as the next hotspot?

With a personal story your company gets a face. It is a fact that the personal touch will make your company more approachable. For that we will follow you for at least one day, as we prefer two days. We want to know you better to tell the viewers a sympathetic story of the company, whether that is a hotel, restaurant, outdoor-company or… for every kind of enterprise we will make it accesible on film.

An eternal reminder of your company!

An eternal promotion-movie (7-8 minutes, subtitled in Dutch and/or English) we will broadcast on the most popular Facebookchannel for Dutch and Belgian Andalusia-lovers. We will repeat the documentary after 6-12 months. Besides we will publish it on our Vimeo-and Youtube-channel, however Facebook for us is leading. We will also place your company on this website as a hotspot for one year free.

The price for a Ruta Andaluz-video starts from € 500,-, depending on your location and wishes.


Want to get in touch with us?

We will contact you to talk about the possibilities. Don’t want to wait? Just give us a call at +31 619614036 or send us an email.